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The first two episodes have been published and can be listened to on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or with the player in the upper right of this site. You can find more info on Countrymenpod.com. We've already had hundreds of listens and great feedback! ...Thanks for listening!

WWRW: Taking Away the Phones Won’t Solve Our Teenagers’ Problems

Students moving into a new culture have added layers of anxiety and the retreat to electronic devices can be substantial. In addition many expat parents, in an effort to keep the peace and "help" their teens deal with the move don't maintain strong boundaries with devices, curfews etc. The week's "What We're reading Wednesday" article …

How Not to Behave in 15 Countries

 Traveling over the holidays? We found this quick overview of things to consider in 15 countries. If you're looking to book a flight or hotel for your own cultural exploration Skyscanner has some great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Add your cultural misbehavior in the comments!