Standing along the shore.

All along Lake Geneva ships come and go from small ports carrying passengers, mostly tourists, from town to town. People who are exploring and only stopping through briefly. Geneva has long been a global hub for diplomacy, banking, and international organizations. It is one of the most diverse cities in the world with representation from …

Why missionaries are childish…

I woke up this morning needing to raise some funds and this was exactly what I needed to read!

The GREENhouse

“Do you think I can ask someone to take Jack to the airport?”

A ride to the airport is usually no imposition because everything is close in Abilene, Texas. But a ride to the international airport is another story, because it means nearly 3 hours to the DFW airport. That’s about a 6 hour round trip.

Missionaries are childishAnd Jack, he’s a dog. It’s one thing to ask someone to bring your family to Dallas, but to ask someone to bring your dog to Dallas on a separate day, is that asking too much?

That’s what Tia was wondering when we recently took an early morning walk before the summer sun made it too unbearable. Her family was making plans for their approaching move to Costa Rica and they’ve been asking for a lot lately.

She’s not the only missionary who wonders if she’s asking for too much. If it’s not a…

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