Standing along the shore.

All along Lake Geneva ships come and go from small ports carrying passengers, mostly tourists, from town to town. People who are exploring and only stopping through briefly.

Geneva has long been a global hub for diplomacy, banking, and international organizations. It is one of the most diverse cities in the world with representation from most of the countries in the world. With all those diplomats, and organizational leaders come thousands of kids.

The phrase the harvest is plenty and the workers are few comes to mind. Opportunities to walk alongside students living outside their passport country seem endless.

It’s been on my heart since taking over the leadership of YouthCompass for us to have a presence in that place.

Geneva, like other communities where we’ve positioned ourselves, is not unlike the ports all along the lake. It’s a place where thousands of students land for a brief moment during their developmental years, before ultimately reboarding and floating on to somewhere else.

Now we’ll stand at that port, greeting and walking alongside students for those brief moments in the hopes of making a lasting impact.

In August a very a special plane landed. Special because it was carrying Tommy and Meghan our new YouthCompass staff in the Geneva area! They are very much in the process of settling into life in the area, but they have already started meeting with kids and parents and starting work to support others working with youth in the area.  We’re looking forward to the impact that they will have.

In addition, our newly married staff in Düsseldorf have relaunched work in that community and are doing a great job loving kids and families in that place.

It’s been a fall full of activity, growth, and transition. It’s great to see all these things coming together, in the midst of it I hope you’ll forgive the lapse in communication. There are exciting things on the horizon and I hope you’ll stay connected with us through it all.

One Reply to “Standing along the shore.”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I hope this blog becomes a “regular” as Youth Compass reaches out to International Students as they try to navigate the waters of new countries. God bless you in that ministry.

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