A family of twelve, two rooms, no beds and a chance to help.

Every year Project Compassion has special moments. I’m looking forward to students engaging those in need in Serbia in a little over a month. In the last few years, I’ve been welcomed into many homes of people living on nearly nothing.  I got to meet a special family this weekend and we have a chance to greatly improve their space.

Husband, wife, grandmother and 9 children sharing two rooms. Those two rooms serve as the kitchen, living room and sleeping room. There are no beds, they just find space together on one of the couches. They have a couple light bulbs, but the wiring is exposed and dangerous. The stove used to cook and heat has a failing chimney and nearly burned the house down not long ago. There’s a hole in the roof above the kitchen area where water pours in when it rains. It’s not okay and we can help.

At the beginning of April, I envision our students and adults jumping in and…

  • Playing with the kids
  • Patching the roof
  • Building some bunk beds
  • Creating a fenced garden and seeds for growing vegetables.
  • Rewiring with safe electrical work
  • Installing a working chimney and stove

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This is just a piece of what we’ll do on Project Compassion, this is one family. There are others and much more work to do. We need help!

We need funds to complete these projects! If you’d like to partner and help provide for the family above or any of the projects below. Click the link to donate!

Click Here to give “for Project Compassion”



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