What you don’t see.

A beautiful Swiss day at Chalet Nyon.
What don’t you see?

What you don’t see…

I awoke at 6am at my hotel in the Alps after an incredible weekend of speaking to youth. Hurried down the mountain to catch the train, and missed it…by one minute.

I took the train 10 minutes later and watched it race by Coppet (my stop) and ended up in Geneva. No problem, it’s not my first rodeo. I got on the next train sure to stop in Coppet, where I had to catch the bus to Divonne. As the train slowed to a stop in Coppet my phone data and calling plan ran out. Because of my missed train, and Geneva detour, I proceeded to miss the 8:30 Divonne bus.

In Europe, on Sunday, most businesses are closed and buses only run every hour, part of the governments passive/aggressive strategy to ensure you rest on Sunday.

Obsessed with being on time I had planned for unseen delays. So I waited for the 9:30 bus to take me for my 10am meet and greet.

No 9:30 bus, no data, no calling plan.

Still feeling invincible I prepared to disinfect a pay phone and call a taxi. No pay phone, as if everyone just magically had a phone in their pocket.

I persuaded the only other person in the area to call the taxi number printed on a telephone pole. She did, only to get an answering machine just before being picked up by friends. It must be nice to have friends…and a phone.

Dragging my suitcase over cobbled streets at a pace to just prevent me from sweating too much to meet a bunch of people and speak about our organization without looking like a crazy person. I finally made it to an open cafe, with wifi. A small miracle in medieval Europe.

After calling a taxi and determining it would take too long, I added data to my phone, downloaded the Uber app, updated Apple Pay, arranged an Uber ride and 8 minutes later was sitting silently in the back of a Toyota Prius that had been doused in French perfume.

25 minutes later and 30 minutes late, I was in France and shook hands and made new connections.

After lunch, I walked awkwardly around another train station looking for my ride to my afternoon engagement. My phone battery died and we never found each other. After giving up and walking to town I sat down and took the photo above.

We can live such beautiful lives on social media. We’ve all got problems and have rough days. Sometimes travel beats you down. Think before being too jealous of the filtered, edited lives of everyone else. It’s not real life as much as we wish it was.

Switzerland is worth a visit! But no matter where your next adventure may be I can recommend the Swiss Air website!


4 Replies to “What you don’t see.”

  1. Wow, Brice. That’s what I call going around your elbow to get to your thumb! Maybe that route protected your arm! And perhaps other body parts!! God knew what your plan was and got you there in His time. Yes, a picture may be worth a thousand words but it’s the life behind the picture that tells the true tale.

  2. WOW! What an adventure. Just praise the Lord you are safe and sound. Thanks for sharing. We often forget the trials of others and ours in comparison are so trivial.

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