From the Inter City Express…

Greetings from the high-speed ICE train!

Currently moving at nearly 300km/hour somewhere between Brussels and Cologne and providing me an opportunity to write a bit.

Is it too early for a New Year’s resolution?
Our lives and work with students are so tied to the school calendar when August and September hit it feels like a new beginning.

The internet is filled with posts from people who blog about how they’d like to blog more. I’ll try to spare you.  I have been working on skills and systems to improve our communication to the world. So hopefully you’ll notice an improvement and there maybe a new website or two in the future.

We had a refreshing visit to the US during the summer break and it gave us the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family. We are grateful to have seen so many and sad to have missed some. Thank you for being a part of what we’re doing!

Areas of activity…

  • We’re developing the community around Brussels and Geneva to prepare for potential staff and to meet the needs around large populations of international students and families.
  • Preparation for LEAD Student Leadership Weekend, Project Compassion Service Project, and Italy Beach Week Summer Camp.
  • We’ve started to spend more time and resources to invest in our student leaders and developing their heart of service throughout the school year. They amaze me and I’m anticipating great things from them!
  • I continue to work to develop and grow our staff, volunteers, and local boards. In addition, I’ve been able to lead seminars, speak around the region and provide ministry and cultural training for those going to serve in other countries including the US and Canada.

Hope and Vision…

  • We’d love to see the financial needs met of our personal fundraising, our staff, and YouthCompass communities.
  • We’d love to see a ministry house in the Frankfurt community where all kids living outside their passport culture can meet with caring adults and each other to discuss some of life’s big questions.
The cockpit of the ICE from my front row seat as I write this.

One Reply to “From the Inter City Express…”

  1. Thank you for the update! We’re missing all of the Johnsons but know that God has a plan to meet your needs and those of the students you’re serving. Love y’all!!

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