Transformation: Project Compassion 2014

“You will never fully understand who God is without going on mission with Him.” – Unknown

Every year I struggle with how to recreate, in words, the week spent with students on a Project Compassion trip.  Project Compassion gives students an opportunity to serve those in need and each night hear about the hope and love of Christ for each one of them.

Every year God shows up in unexpected ways. This year we traveled to Croatia and served in several different places between the northern coast and the Bosnian border.

Each day students served at one of several sites. (Click on images to enlarge)

Food delivery: A portion of the fee paid by students to attend Project Compassion was used to purchased needed food items for families who live in the hills not far from the Bosnian border. Many of them were refugees who lost everything during the war and have never recovered. Some walk 3-4km each day for clean water.  They have very little and were some of the most generous people I have ever met. At each stop we were given whatever they could spare: Fresh eggs, cookies, coffee, meat, and bread.

Painting: Several “kid spaces” had been painted with graffiti. Our students, with the help of a local artist, created murals and beautified these spaces. The children were overjoyed to see the progress.

Outdoor/Garden Renovation: An orphanage, homeless shelter, and old folks home all had mostly unusable spaces that students transformed.

Clown Therapy/Soccer: Students got a chance to dress up, entertain and love some adults and orphans that needed their day “brightened”. Those same groups also put on a soccer camp for kids the second part of the day!

It was an incredible week of service and each night students got to hear about, and witness God’s great love for each of them from incredible staff and volunteers! We’d love to have you join us next year!!





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