Wondering what we’ve been up to?

Like always this is much overdue, but at least we’re consistent! Below is a link to our latest update and newsletter. We are so grateful for all of you who partner with us in this great adventure.


Brice and Julie

Winter_Spring Update from the Johnsons!

2 Replies to “Wondering what we’ve been up to?”

  1. Love all the photos.  Looks like you’re making lots of fun trips.  How educational for Will.  Glad the Lord is using you there.  Know the kids love you both and are so blessed to have you working with them.  Lots and lots of blessings.

  2. Thanks for the update. You are doing such a wonderful job there but I don’t want to praise you too much as I would love to see your faces over here, too!! Wherever God leads, though. We love you wherever you live and so do your fellow workers and students. Congrats on the team win, too!! Wow. That was quite an accomplishment! Have a blessed Easter and please give love to those kiddos and that gorgeous wife! 🙂

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