Happy New Year from the Johnsons!

We’re celebrating the New Year and also another year in Germany!  On January 10th we’ll have been here for two years.  In some ways it feels like much longer and in other ways it feels like we’ve just arrived.

It has been a year of saying goodbye to some students and families, meeting others, and getting know many of them in a much deeper way.  It has been amazing to be a part of what God in doing in this community and an honor that He would include us in the process.

Personally, it has been a year celebration and challenges, most of which have been wrapped in a now almost 10 month old.  Julie and I are learning what it means to parent two children and Will is doing an incredible job of fulfilling his role as big brother.  Caroline’s big accomplishments include eating somewhat solid foods, sitting up, learning to clap, and by the time you read this she may be crawling…on purpose and with direction.  Go ahead and take a moment to pray for us.  Besides being big brother, Will continues to correct our German pronunciation and has joined a German soccer team where his Fußball skills are…developing.

We are so thankful for each of you who are a part of this adventure as we share hope with kids throughout this region.  We will continue to serve those in poverty alongside our students both locally and this spring in Croatia.  We’d love to have you join us!  We always need help on Project Compassion and it’s great chance to see a bit of what we’re doing up close.  Let us know if you’d like more info.

As we move into 2014, we’re looking forward to…

  • Learning more German
  • Brice deepening relationships with his middle school boys basketball team
  • Introducing students to Christ while serving those in poverty in Croatia
  • Attending fiercely competitive 5-6 year old soccer matches
  • Chasing after a progressively more mobile Caroline
  • Drawing closer to our loving God and following His lead

5 Replies to “Happy New Year from the Johnsons!”

  1. Blessings for 2014.  Can’t believe how quickly these 13 years have gone by and the many changes we’ve seen.  I’m so glad to always be included in your updates and photos.  Love keeping up with all going on in your lives and how God is using and blessing you.  Love the family photos. Have a very Happy New Year.  Miss you!!!  

  2. Thank you for the update and photos. We love you and pray for you as you continue to serve the Lord and love the students and their families. Happy New Year.

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