5475 km or 3402 miles (the thing about Frosty).

In a few weeks the the international middle school basketball season will come to a close and the Frankfurt Warriors will have traveled 5475 kilometers (3402 miles).

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel those kilometers with 22 boys and 22 girls this season as we’ve made trips to Switzerland, The Netherlands, Austria and Munich.  Why did I sign up to ride buses and trains with middle school students over the last few months?


Coaching this season has allowed me to be in relationship with parents, students and coaches I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to know.  It has been an incredible experience.  I have gotten a chance to be a part of the joy, exhaustion, frustration and drama that comes with a basketball season and life in middle school.  I think about my own experience in sports and those that have impacted me throughout my life and I’m so thankful.

I was fortunate enough to attend a university with an incredibly impactful and successful football program.  I didn’t play football, but being around Frosty Westering’s Lutes contributed greatly to who I am.  When you watch the entire football team help freshman move into their dorms, you think, “I want to serve like that.”  When you see a football team make an inexplicable comeback or win an improbable David vs. Goliath matchup, you think, “I want to believe and fight like that.”  When you see the respectful way the players treat you, each other, and their opponents you think, “I want to love like that.”  When you carry Frosty’s drums to his car and he uses those few minutes to make you better, you think, “I want to speak into lives like that.”

Frosty’s football players have been greatly impacted by his leadership and philosophy, but it has spilled over and impacted those of us fortunate enough to “be around.”

The Frankfurt Warriors middle school boys “A team” got to hear a little about Frosty the other day and we’re looking forward to finishing this season stronger than anyone expects!

Go Lutes!

Ps. When you dive into the bushes as Frosty rounds the corner in his car, you think, “I hope I never drive like that.” 🙂

4 Replies to “5475 km or 3402 miles (the thing about Frosty).”

  1. Wonderful stories, wonderful witness, wonderful lessons learned! Thanks for sharing with the middle schoolers and with us!!

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