Answered prayers and why I can feel my legs again.

We have had a great summer, but it is quickly coming to an end!  With the schools starting back up in mid-August, we’ve turned our eyes to planning the coming year.  Before the new school year begins, I want to give you a recap of the last few weeks.

Worshiping together with people from around the world at the IBC Conference.

1. We recently returned from the IBC (International Baptist Convention) “Interlaken Experience” in Switzerland and really enjoyed the time of worship, teaching and fun with people from around the world.  The conference was focused on discipleship, and both Julie and I feel renewed, encouraged, and called to do more.  I was in a seminar with Billy Graham’s daughter and got to share with her about my own experience at one of her father’s crusades.  She told us to visit her next time we’re in North Carolina!  I do regret not asking her what type of BBQ sauce she prefers.  (It’s a deep theological issue that may determine whether or not I accept her invitation.)

I also had the opportunity to share about the ministry of Youth Compass from up front during one of the evening worship services, and I made myself available at a table with information and resources for those hoping to reach international teens in their area.  I had some significant conversations and look forward to following up with many that I met.

2. Not everyone in Germany has a car.  In fact, our upstairs neighbors don’t have a car (which greatly confuses and concerns our 5 year old).  You don’t necessarily need one to get around, but we were so blessed that YouthCompass had a car upon our arrival.  It has been great and fun to drive (thanks to the autobahn) but it only had about 2 and half seats.

Since our arrival, I started praying for a larger vehicle — one that we could use to take multiple students to and from YouthCompass events (or to the Eis Cafe) and one in which I can still feel my lower half even if someone is in the seat behind me.

Answered prayer!

Thanks to some friends of YouthCompass and our local board, we now have a 7 passenger van!  It was  amazing to watch this unfold and exciting to know that we had nothing to do with it, other than praying.  I never mentioned to anyone that I was praying for a larger vehicle and was so blessed to receive the phone call that one had been made available.  Consequently, we had also been hoping for more seats in our living room and, thanks to the same family, we’ve got plenty of couch space.  We’re looking forward to filling that space with friends!

We are so excited to be starting the school year reaching out to international teens.  This year we’re asking for more!

  • More opportunities to share the hope of Christ with international teens
  • More kids attending YouthCompass events
  • More time connecting with our high school friends
  • More funding
  • More leaders and student leaders
  • More kids serving the poor and hearing the gospel at Project Compassion
  • More lives given to Jesus
  • More communities with caring adults reaching out to kids
  • More visitors 🙂

We are looking forward to the adventures that lie ahed.  Thank you for being a part of all of this!


3 Replies to “Answered prayers and why I can feel my legs again.”

  1. “Donkey chain”, Brice! That’s my German from the south of Carolina! I loved hearing about the answers to prayers. That “new” car will certainly feel better to us than one that seats 2 1/2 people! It would be bad for you and Carroll to miss out on going places when we get there in Sept.!! 😉 You and Youth Compass are always in my prayers as are your family members!!!

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