Castles! (sigh)

As you may have guessed from the title of the blog post, Julie is writing this.

The first movie I ever saw in a theater was “Sleeping Beauty” (circa 1979), and I have loved castles, knights, and princesses ever since!  Thanks to my music education, I also developed a love for all things Medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance.  Brice and I have visited Neuschwanstein (in Bavaria, Germany) and the Fortress in Salzburg (Austria) separately, but were able to visit three gorgeous castles together when we toured the Loire Valley of France with my parents in 2005.   I hope my knowledge of geography, history, and “castle life” (yep, I typed that) will increase, but for now I’m just soaking in the scenery and loving it!

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One Saturday night in early February I told Brice that it was high time we saw a castle up close.  We have seen a few turrets from the car window on our drives from place to place, but that just wasn’t enough.  And, in true Brice fashion (going “all in” on a moment’s notice), he suggested we go to the castle in Königstein the very next day after church.  Yes, please!  Königstein is a small town very close to us.  The day was extremely cold, but we would not be deterred!  Frostbite, I’m not scared of you.  We’re going to a castle.

Here is the information posted just inside the gate of the castle:   Welcome to Castle Königstein, built around the year 1200 — age of Staufen.  It is one of the largest castle ruins in Germany.  Castle lovers call it the most interesting one, regarding its three eras — it is atypical.  (I corrected a couple of grammar mistakes from the original information.)

On a Saturday morning several weeks later, as I ate breakfast, I realized that we had a free day and hadn’t seen the castle in Bad Homburg.  (Bad Homburg is the next town over, and I’ve only been there in the dark.)  I woke Brice up with that request, and he came into the living room several minutes later with another suggestion: “I think we should drive to Heidelberg.”  We were out the door in an hour with our German guidebooks in tow.

We considered this our “preview” trip to Hiedelberg, and we were very impressed.  We’re excited to go back and pay to have a guided tour so we can enter the castle interior!  We saw other kids Will’s age taking guided tours (that was our main reason for not taking a tour this time) and they seemed to handle it well.  This was a fantastic Saturday outing!  I’m sure we’ll make it to the castle in Bad Homburg soon.  😉


4 Replies to “Castles! (sigh)”

  1. Wow, 1200!! That gives old a new meaning!!
    What great adventures you’re having! :). Thanks for sharing.

  2. The age of Staufen…you know that old Christmas song about King Wenceslas? They were having the “Feast of Stephen” (the day after Christmas). That’s all I can think of when I hear the “age of Staufen”. I admit that I do not know anything about this “age of Staufen”! I guess I have some research to do…

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