Lots of maps!

It’s been a wild couple of weeks involving a sick child, the paramedics, a German hospital that had cutting edge dial-up internet (reassuring), my own illness, working at the school bookstore, basketball games, castles and temperatures above freezing!

I started this blog post at McCafe — I came for the internet which never seemed to work.  By the time I was ready to post, not much was relevant.  I was in midst of all of the above and planning what I would share with the students we would get to see that week.  I shared the about the characteristics of God with the middle school students, and the high school students shared with us a little about themselves.

Both groups engaged in great discussions as they asked questions or shared about their lives up to this point.  The high school students drew road maps of their lives and then shared them with us and each other.  There were lots of transitions, near-death experiences and interesting encounters — among other things — that have shaped who they are, and I think it gave me a better idea of how to connect with and care for each one of them.

Some of the "Life Roadmaps" from the high school students.

We’ve all recovered from illness, the paramedics were nice, they’ve asked me back to the bookstore, the castles still stand and we’re still warming up!  This coming week kids are on ski break.  Then we return with only a few weeks before I take high school students to Romania to serve the poor and hear more of the Gospel during Project Compassion.

It’s an incredible privilege to share the greatest love/rescue story of all with these kids, and it’s going to be a memorable spring!

One Reply to “Lots of maps!”

  1. Howdy! I loved this update and what a great idea for the students to do!! I wish I’d thought of that while I was teaching! If I ever go above 1st grade in JAM, maybe I’ll be able to do that. Can’t wait to see you back on the right continent! 😉

    MIL (Mother-in-Law)

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