To Brussels and back in 22 easy steps, a photo essay.

I traveled to Brussels, Belgium to meet with Youth Compass volunteers and thought I’d document my trip in photos.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from the meeting itself or the wonderful dinner prepared by some North Carolinian members of the YC Board.  I’m grateful for dedicated adults that want to help reach the international teens in their communities.  I’m also thankful for a great host, a place to sleep (on the battlefield where Napoleon was defeated) and my new friend Steven from Sri Lanka.

The picture above is my favorite.  As soon as I took this picture I was approached by a young woman and her son and asked (in French) if this was the train to Brussels Midi (Main Station).  I said yes (in English) and I asked her where she was from.  She was from Romania and I told her I would be in Romania in April and that it was a beautiful country.  We continued to talk.  She had only been in Brussels for about a year; her husband is a software developer.  She was headed into the city to see a doctor (I think a psychiatrist) because her 4-year-old son was having a hard time adjusting to a new culture.  My heart just about exploded — an incredible reminder that TCKs need support no matter the age.  We talked just a little longer and were split up as we boarded the train.  I smiled and waved as I departed at Brussels Midi and prayed for her and her son the entire trip back.

3 Replies to “To Brussels and back in 22 easy steps, a photo essay.”

  1. Bryce–so fun to see these pictures–the ones of the Frankfurt Bohnhof brought back such fond memories of our trip in 2006! Isn’t God great to orchestrate the “meetings” of our day? God’s blessings on you three!! Love, Rick and Jan

  2. You and Julie write THE BEST BLOGS Bruce, I mean Brice, and I continue to marvel at your technology skills! I can barely get some boring words written and maybe one or two pictures posted, and here you are with a slideshow. . . . and captions!! Loved making the trip to Brussels with you!

    Hey, about the stove top cleaner – the good news is I remembered who said it (LeAnne Ellis), the bad news is that it wasn’t for ceramic flat top stoves. Darn! Talked to Rog and he really likes the “Cook Top Cleaning Creme for Smooth Top Ranges” manufactured by Elco Laboratories, Inc. that we use. He did say it takes some elbow grease and no abrasive scrubbing tools, only soft cloths. Hope it’s not too late for that important fact.

    Love you guys and miss you! Keep us posted on your adventures!
    God bless,

  3. Love all the pics and descriptions. I wouldn’t be surprised it you ran into the lady with the 4 year old again some time. God does things like that! I am praying for him, too. God bless you all!

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