Teensy Forks

Two of our boxes were delivered on Thursday, our third day in Germany.  I was happy to reunite with my non-metric measuring cups, spoons, and food scale!  After breakfast, I spent some time washing and organizing things in the kitchen.  Have I mentioned that I love the kitchen?

Early that afternoon, Brice drove us into the downtown area of Oberursel in search of a park.  We found a nice, small play area where Will could swing and run around (see picture).  Afterward, we walked into the town center and visited the toy store.  Will was very excited to see Star Wars LEGO sets!  Those sets are quite a bit more expensive here than in the US.  (If you’ve ever priced one in the states, you know we’re talking expensive.)  I’m so glad he’s content just to look at a toy and tell me he wants it “on his list!”

Our next stop was Edeca, another grocery store near our apartment.  This is a different grocery store from the one we shopped in on Tuesday.  Edeca is a bit bigger, has more selection (the produce looks great and there’s even a small Mexican food section), and seems to be a tad more expensive.  There is also a bakery/deli just inside the entrance.  We bought a few grocery items and then I got a sandwich at the deli … and the girl behind the counter kind of laughed at me!  I don’t know exactly what I did wrong — probably everything — but apparently it was humorous.  Oh well, at least it wasn’t a really mean laugh.  She didn’t command me to stir my yogurt or anything.  (If you don’t know the “you’re supposed to stir your yogurt” story, just ask!)

Brice and Will bought french fries from a man selling them out of a truck in the parking lot.  Wow … that sounds so sketchy!  Don’t worry — it’s the kind of truck you see at a fair, with an open counter on one side.  Get this:  the fries came with a teensy fork!  That’s what I’m talking about, Germany!  If you’re going to give my son french fries, make sure he uses a utensil instead of getting his paws all greasy.  I approve.  We also spotted some FIS (Frankfurt International School) students at the french fry truck.  We may spend more time there than we realize!   (Factoid:  Julie Johnson doesn’t like french fries … but she loves teensy forks.)

We enjoyed a great meal with the Schmidt family that night!  Tim (YC Frankfurt Board Chair — he picked us up from the airport, if you read my previous posts), his wife Amy, and their three kids (in 9th, 6th, and 2nd grade) invited us to their house for a delicious dinner of lasagna, salad, and cupcakes.  Will was elated to find out that the Schmidt boys have Star Wars LEGOs.  I hear that he also “played” a dance game with the kids on their Wii … and I never had the chance to warn them about his dancing.  Oops.  (Perhaps I should post a video example?)  It was so nice to relax with new friends.

We are so very blessed by the ways each of you have encouraged and supported us.  We have a long road ahead, of course, but the beginning of this journey has been extremely positive.  Thank you for praying and reading the updates!

And don’t forget to stir your yogurt.


4 Replies to “Teensy Forks”

  1. OK, must have pics of tiny forks, Will dancing, and explanation of stir your yogurt. 😉 Love your posts! Hugs to you all!

  2. I, too, want that pix of the teensy forks! A great idea, btw! I loved your rendition, Jules. I’m glad you refreshed my memory recently about the yogurt stirring! I had yogurt a few minutes as that is about the only thing I can eat whilst in my recovery mode from gum surgery!!

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