Gummi Bear Tales

Just a quick post from Brice:  We had our first middle school event tonight!

We had a small group of kids and played several games.  One involved Gummi Bears, which were inhaled at an alarming rate by all, including our 4 year old, who “really likes daddy’s new job!”

I shared with the kids from John 3 when Nicodemus approaches Jesus after dark to get his questions answered.

At the end of our time I had the kids each write down 3 things.  Here are the questions and some of the highlighted responses.

1. What do Brice, Julie and Will need to know about living in Germany?

A: German Pizza tastes different.

A: Germans stare at you a lot, sometimes.

A: Don’t drive too slow on the Autobahn!

2. What do you love to do with your friends in the area?

A: Shopping

A: Play sports with friends

A: Get pizza with friends

3. If you could ask God one thing, what would it be?

A: Can you get me a Lamborghini?

A: Can you give me a life?

A: Are you real?

A: Will you bring Chick-fil-A to Germany? (Coincidentally, I ask God this daily…I love this kid.)


2 Replies to “Gummi Bear Tales”

  1. Jim says he’d like a Lamborghini, too! Actually, I KNOW he wants another Camaro! Love this post, Brice! And you can hardly blame Will for liking your new job!

  2. So excitd for your new adventure 🙂 Let me know when you need a speaker. We need to talk soon about some changes in my world. What’s the best email for you Brice?

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