Deep Impact

Of all the movies about asteroids bearing down on planet earth and Elijah Wood being one of the few survivors who will be tasked with repopulating the planet, I have to say that Deep Impact is my favorite.

Networks tend to run the end of the world movies right around New Years and I got to catch the end of Deep Impact just a few days ago.  It was close to the end of the movie and there were a series on intense goodbyes as people quite literally were running for the hills.  I was drawn in because we were in the middle of it.

Not so much the running for the hills, but the intense goodbyes.  We have had the opportunity to build deep meaningful friendships with so many and that makes saying goodbye hard.

Now we’re on the plane and I’m guessing there’s about 6 hours to go, because I watched a 2 hour movie that was interrupted by a 4-year-old asking if we were in Germany every 5 seconds making it about 3 hours. Add to that 40 minutes for dinner in which said 4-year-old only wanted to eat the brownie and drink 7UP, but because you’re such a good parent you convince him to eat some real dinner (PBnJ sandwich) before eating about half of the brownie.  The other half is imbedded into his pants, neck and fingernails. Add to that the 15 minutes of the worst turbulence you’ve ever experienced, complete with the captain giving the flight crew a very stern BE SEATED! Yep I’m guessing only 6 more hours.

Quick Update: We made it! Stuffed all our bags into one car and made it to our apartment.  More soon!

This is close to what we looked like when we got to the apartment.


I can’t wait to see how it goes with customs, our 5 carry ons, a car seat, six checked bags and a guitar. Oh, and a four year old.


4 Replies to “Deep Impact”

  1. Love that description of your airplane experience, though the rough turbulence is totally disturbing! So glad you lived to tell the tale. Glad you made it safely and pray you all get some much needed rest! I look forward to hearing more from you guys as time goes on. God bless, Connie

  2. Thanks for posting! I feel for you on the turbulence thing. I experienced the worst turbulence I’ve ever been in on my last flight. The captain told the flight crew to be seated several minutes before we actually hit it. I will never forget the way every single head on the plane jerked up and forward simultaneously like it had been choreographed or something with the first big jolt. Part way through the captain reminded the crew and passengers to stay seated while we went through some “moderate turbulence” which I thought was interesting because I couldn’t imagine anyone actually trying to stand up while the plane pitched around like it did. All in all, I’m pretty sure I know what it feels like to be on the inside of a can being kicked down the street.
    So glad you guys made it safely and have some fun stories to share! You are in our prayers!

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