We’ve landed! New blog post.

We’ve landed in Frankfurt and made our way to Oberursel.  We’re here for a few days getting the lay of the land, meeting some key people and attending a workshop with other Youth Compass staff and volunteers.  It’s been a perfect fall day, cool and crisp with sunny skies.  We’re taking some walks to explore and try to keep ourselves awake.  Speaking of sleeping, guess what we didn’t do on the plane…

I thought I was prepared, but there are a few sounds not even ear plugs can block out.  Like screaming babies and parents shushing their screaming babies and Cap’n Crunch.  I nicknamed the guy across the aisle Cap’n Crunch because he had every snack food known to man and they were all in crunchy bags.  I can’t tell you how much I wanted to reach over and dump out his Cheetos on his tray table so he wouldn’t have to keep reaching in his bag.  By the way  Cap’n Crunch fell asleep during our decent into Frankfurt.  9 hours and 35 minutes into a 10 hour flight and he falls asleep.  I guess all the crunching and chewing took it out of him.

The highlight so far has been to explore the town of Oberursel and see the apartment where we’ll live when we move over in January.  Here’s some photos.

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