the Wind will blow.

Before we moved to Ellensburg we had heard about the wind … but we had no idea.

The wind blows in Ellensburg and leaves its mark.  The trees throughout the valley lean permanantly to the east — the evidence of powerful wind from the west.  It blew the day we arrived, the day we left, and plenty during the 7 years we lived there.

I can’t say that I love the wind, but I love the idea of it.  Something unseen, yet so powerful.  Something that can move you, that you can feel, and something that leaves a mark on the trees that are constantly exposed to it.

In December we attended a benefit concert for Restore International.  The evening included great music from Brandon Heath and comments from Bob Goff, Donald Miller and Al Andrews.  Al spoke of a conversation with Bob in which he was asked, “What do you dream?”  My heart started pounding because I was afraid to ask myself that question.

Al’s ultimate dream is philanthropy and a piece of that dream was to write a children’s book.  The book, “The Boy, The Kite and The Wind” will be available soon and can be pre-ordered here.  Here are students from Restore Academy reading the story…

The wind will blow, and is blowing us on a new adventure.  An adventure that will make the hope and freedom of knowing God as real to kids from around the world as the wind.

Where is the wind blowing you?

4 Replies to “the Wind will blow.”

  1. Some good thoughts, Brice. Have been praying for you this AM as I was working in the yard.
    Praying that God will direct your paths and touch hearts for Him through you.

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