Passport Pandemonium

Apparently these new electronic, do-it-yourself passport photos are all the rage.  They claim to save not only time but money, allowing you to select your perfect passport photo.  “It’s great for kids!”  You simply take a photo, upload it to a website, crop it, print it and attach it to your application.

Julie and I already have our passports, but Will (almost 4) is going to need his for our upcoming adventure.  We decided to snap a photo and use this simple electronic method.  Here’s a few of the lines we uttered…

Look at the camera. Stop crossing your eyes. Can you make a serious face? Just relax. Stop smiling. Put your teeth away. Hold still. Look at Daddy. Look at the camera. Open your eyes! Don’t open your eyes so much.

It was all very simple, quick and easy…and I think we’re headed to the drug store for some passport photos.

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