18 “homes” in 24 years.

In late February 2004 I answered the phone.  The voice on the other end, my friend Amanda, asked, “What are you doing in mid April and do you have a valid passport?”  I was intrigued.

April arrived and I found myself on a plane headed for Vienna and eventually Mojtin, Slovakia.  My time in Mojtin introduced me to Youth Compass, Project Compassion and “Third Culture Kids“.  Two years later on a similar trip I stood next to a mountain stream in Romania waiting for kids to arrive and feeling under prepared and unequipped for the week ahead.  I turned on my iPod and let it shuffle.  It settled immediately on “Tell the World” by Hillsong United.  As I sung the lyrics, hopefully drown out by the sound of the rushing water, I realized that with kids coming to Romania from so many nations, the upcoming week was an opportunity to “tell the world”.

The international school system welcomes kids from all nations, the one thing they have in common…they’re in transition, constantly in transition.  One “third culture kid”, now a young adult, had lived in 18 different places by the age of 24.  With that kind of transition comes an identity crisis and an opportunity for caring adults to step in, share their experiences with an unchanging God and help kids navigate through life.  My interactions with these kids planted a seed that is starting to bloom. We’re excited to work directly with these kids and serve others as they work with them. 

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