Countdown Initiated!

Julie, Will and I have started on an exciting journey! We’re headed to Germany. I have accepted a position with Youth Compass. This is part of a larger journey that started in 2004 when I had my first encounter with Youth Compass on their Project Compassion trip.

Project Compassion opened my eyes to Youth Compass’ work with High School and Middle School students in International Schools throughout the world. International School students are in constant transition and spend a significant part of their developmental years in a culture outside of their parents’ passport country. 50+ countries are currently represented at Frankfurt International School alone.

That Project Compassion trip planted a seed that brings us to today. Our goal is to depart for Germany in January. We will be working closely with the International Schools in and around Frankfurt and working to support and stengthen existing ministries in communities throughout Europe. Until then, we live a life of transition as we appreciate where we currently live and work, sell our things, and prepare for a great adventure.

We’ll use this blog to continually update you on our journey.  Stay tuned!

– Brice

One Reply to “Countdown Initiated!”

  1. Brice! This is one thing I will make a point to check! Facebook hasn’t been a priority, obviously, but for some reason, this seems a tad more closely related to me!! For one thing, I will find out stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise know because we never have time to just sit and talk without the little one so I am looking forward to the communication! 🙂

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